Fundamentals of Entomology, Richard J. Elzinga

Fundamentals of Entomology, Richard J. Elzinga

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For undergraduate courses in General Entomology and Pest Management.

Using an exceptionally clear writing style, minimal scientific jargon, and vivid photos and drawings, this text provides a comprehensive view of the fundamentals of entomology at a level that introductory, non-major students can comprehend. It captures the rich diversity and complexity of insects and their influence upon the ecosystem—without turning students off with excessive details.

From the Back Cover

Now in its sixth edition, Fundamentals of Entomology remains one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly entomology texts on the market. Developed with beginning students of agriculture, education, and biology in mind, this text's elementary approach allows easy accessibility for anyone wishing to learn the basics of entomology. In addition, the author has incorporated new chapters, photographs, keys, and updated materials to keep up with the latest research. Challenging, but with a minimal amount of "big" words. Fundamentals of Entomology continues to deliver a wealth of natural history balanced with a mix of basic and applied entomological applications.

New features include:
  • An increased IPM section, including genetic engineering and transgenics
  • Enlarged sections on disease transmission and medicine
  • A new discussion on insect-utilizing plants
  • An expanded ecology chapter, including a discussion on coevolution and biomes
  • Additional coverage on leaf-rolling, skeletonizing, and gall formations
  • Newly enhanced photographs

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